Code of Conduct Policy


          Violating the code of conduct for the first time will result in a warning of the offence. Second time violation will result in rank suspension, which may vary in length depending on the severity of the offence. Third time violation will result in the member having their membership revoked.      


 Sexual Harassment Policy       


 As leaders, role models, and human beings, we understand how much damage sexual harassment can cause to ones psyche.  For this reason any and all sexual harassment cases are of the utmost importance. But before a claim is made, the perpetrator must be blocked.  If harassment continues, a squad leader must be presented with substantial evidence (such as screenshots, screen recordings, etc…) and a non biased witness.  This is to ensure the safety of all parties involved. A first time offender will be demoted if found guilty. A second time offender will have his/her membership revoked immediately.


Dating Policy   


We understand that it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for members to grow feelings for eachother with males and females working together under such close conditions.  But alas, we must strongly advise against this, as if a breakup were to happen, synergy would be lost, and far too many resources would be dedicated to solving any problems that may arise following said breakup.  To prevent any setbacks and to ensure enjoyment of all members, we must ask for members to avoid dating someone from the same squad. If dating occurs within the same squad, a transfer is mandatory. If transferred, it is possible that the position the perpetrator once held is already taken.  Therefore it is possible for a demotion to occur. Please remember that FAoS is a Gaming Community, not a Dating Website.


Squad/Division Transfer Policy    


  A transfer could be needed for any number of reasons, from dating to losing a game share.  For whatever reason, a Squad/Division Transfer must be approved by both a Div Leader and a General.  The transferer must also find three recruits to replace him in his home squad.


 Blacklist Policy            


FAoS is very serious about our safety, and for this reason, we have a list of those who have shown aggression towards us. A Clan, Community, person or whomever can be blacklisted for any aggressive act made towards FAoS. A Blacklisted entity must be blocked off of the friends list of all members, and all communications must cease furthermore.