Omega Rank Stucture

Private - Beginner rank, Stay active


PFC - Three weeks of *activity or three recruits


SPC - Six weeks of *activity or six recruits and two weeks of *activity


Sergeant - Ten weeks of *activity and a name change or ten recruits and three weeks of *activity and a name change


Staff Sergeant - Twelve weeks of *activity or fifteen recruits and four weeks of activity. They will help with gamenights and push meetings on new recruits.


Master Sergeant - Six positions available. The position will be open to any Staff Sergeant as long as there is an opening and the Staff Sergeant has fifteen recruits. They will be trained to become the next squad leaders and will be given tasks to complete within the squad.


Major - Squad leader. Works together with the Colonel and General to keep activity in the squad up by keeping the tag active and promoting things like gamenights, meetings and social media.


Colonel - Squad leader. Works with Major and General to help with recruiting. They will mainly work with current Master Sergeants and the rest of the community to look for potential leaders and future Master Sergeants.


General - Squad Leader. Works with Colonel and Major to improve the overall quality of the squad. They will manage the discord by giving members their required roles and put announcements on said discord. He/She will host meetings and game nights or have another squad leader host it if the General is unable to attend.