Alpha Rank Structure


Private (PVT) - The Private has only one responsibility, and that is to PARTICIPATE!  This means attending meetings and gamenights, and engaging with other members.


Corporal (CPL) - The Corporal is the first step up into what FAoS is.  It is awarded to those privates who have shown loyalty and promise, and strive to be a part of something greater than themselves by:

  • Getting their first recruit
  • Attending their first meeting
  • Changing their name


Sergeant (SGT) - A Sergeant is one who has shown remarkable promise in recruiting, and shares leadership skills and values with the community.  This rank is awarded after his/her third recruit. 



     Disclaimer: any and all staff positions are VOLUNTEER ranks.  The failure to perform the assigned duties of the rank at hand may result in a demotion. You must have FAoS in your gamer tags to acquire a staff position. 

Lieutenants (4-1LT) -

The Lieutenant is the first staff rank available. Lieutenants must have at least 5 recruits and 2 meetings attended before becoming a Lieutenant. All Lieutenants will be working as a team to accomplish these tasks in an attempt to develop leadership skills and teamwork skills at an early rank.


  • Lieutenants will be assisting Captains with whatever they need help with.
  • Lieutenants must attend workshops.
  • Lieutenants must stay active on discord.
  • Lieutenants must know the Code of Conduct and follow it.




 Captains (4-1CPT) -

Each Captain must have at least 8 recruits and 3 meetings attended to become a Captain. Captains will start to assume just a little bit more responsibility and will accomplish tasks as a team to develop better leadership skills and teamwork skills as they move forward towards being a Major, Colonel, or General.

  • The Captains will guide at least two new members each into becoming staff members.
  • The Captains will be hosting gamenights and workshops when given permission by the General, Colonel, or Major.
  • The Captains will have full knowledge of the rank structure within the squad level.
  • The Captains must know the Code of Conduct.




General-Colonel-Major - The General, Colonel, and Major, are the three highest ranks you can achieve within a squad level. Generals are the highest rank with the most squad experience. Colonels are Second in Command with a good grasp of the ins and outs of the squad. Majors are the least experienced, but are just as important as the General and Colonel. Within these three ranks it is vital that all three have Perfect Communication, and TeamWork. It is highly advised that the General, Colonel, and Major exchange Phone Numbers, or any Social Media other than just discord with each other to better communicate.These ranks are entrusted to members who have shown Dedication, Loyalty, Self Initiative, and of course Leadership Skills. These three ranks are here for creating a family environment and to create friendships within the squad. These ranks have access to their respective Squad Tags, it is their job to ensure a fully functioning active successful squad with the main goal of creating a community and with the end goal of splitting.They have the ability to demote/promote members within FAoS, as well as the ability to remove members if the proper procedures are followed, also are able to give Lieutenant’s and Captain’s Tests.  Below are the many important tasks the General, Colonel, and Major must accomplish together. 

  • Ensuring everyone on the Squad Tags friends list has the correct location and bio. As well as checking the members within the squad tags don't have any blacklisted members on their friends list.
  • Ensuring everyone within the squad has the Squad Tag added back as a friend. Also ensuring the Squad Tag has the same number of Friends and Followers.
  • Hosting 2 meetings, 2 Gamenights, and 1 Workshop a week.
  • Creating an environment where all staff are performing to their rank requirements. 
  • Ensuring that members within the lower community ranks (Pvt-Sgt) are active.
  • Checking if members on the squad tag are appearing offline or offline for 3+ plus days. If so a mass message needs to be sent to those members explaining that they have 24 hours to appear online or become active or they could possibly have their membership revoked.
  • If members are removed from the Squad Tag they must be blocked off the tag and put in the request to remove channel inside of Discord.
  • If someone from any Staff Positions within the Squad are removed from FAoS or Demoted out of Staff, the General, Colonel, or Major must report it to their respective Co-Founder so the Staff Roster can be adjusted correctly.
  • The Squad Tag’s Bio must have the General, Colonel, and Major’s gamertags listed as well the proper times including time zones for the Meetings, Gamenights, and Workshops.





Division Staff



Co-Founder - The Co-Founder rank is awarded to a General upon splitting their squad. The Co-Founder is the beginning of the Division Staff and where they will begin their journey to the Division Leader Rank.

  • Teaching/Mentoring the squad staff of the 2 squads that were created during the squad split.
  • The Co-Founder will give the General,Colonel, and Majors test to the respective Generals,Colonels, and Majors they are assigned to. 
  • Turning in Weekly Squad Reports to the Division Higher Ups during the Squad Meeting.
  • Tracking the increase/decrease of both squads member totals.
  • Tracking all Staff Roster Changes on Discord for the squads he/she is assigned over is updated by every Friday.
  • Making sure both squads are hosting 2 meetings/gamenights weekly.
  • Making sure General/Colonel/Major are hosting at least one workshop a week
  • They will be responsible for all information reaching the Squad Staff from Upper Division Staff to promote better communication between the Division Staff to the Squads.
  • Co-Founders are allowed Squad Tag access over their respective squads, if given permission by the Division Leader.



Founder - Founder is the first step in rank towards the end goal of their teachings to become the Division Leader Rank. The Founder Rank is awarded to a Co-Founder who has developed his/her knowledge of this community immensely, and is completing his/her assigned tasks with little to no push from the Upper Division Staff while showing that he/she has the heart and drive to improve the community. The base requirement in becoming a Founder is facilitating their 2 squads to split under their supervision/guidance from there they will watch over the two new Co-Founders produced from those squad splits.

  • The Founder is required to ensure the Co-Founders are accomplishing their squad reports.
  • The Founder will ensure Co-Founders are doing their overall job to the highest of standards.
  • Holding at least one game night a week with all Co-Founders to release stress and relax.
  • Teaching/Mentoring the Co-Founders assigned to his/her self into becoming the next leaders within FAoS. 
  • Ensuring the Co-Founders assigned to him/her have the correct Discord roles and there are no issues occurring within the Co-Founders Discord.
  • Prior to every division meeting, the Founder and Co-Founder assigned to them will review squad reports and ensure they are completed and confirming information.
  • Founders are allowed access to a Squad Tag, if given permission by the Division Leader.



Co-Division Leader

The Co-Division Leader rank is awarded to a Co-Founder or Founder who has become eligible for promotion after a division split. Co-Division Leaders must portray Leadership Skills, Social Skills, and the ability to overcome and adapt to any situation the respective division they’re assigned to present to them. The Co-Division Leader is the Division Leaders right hand man, and helps the Division Leader with any task that is presented. The overall goal of the Co-Division leader is to help build an active, fun, hard working, family environment within their division with the end goal of splitting their division.

  • Ensuring that all squad reports are submitted and presented to the Division Leader prior to the Division Meeting.
  • Assist the Division Leader in planning recruiting weekends, headhunters tournaments, fun activity weekends, etc.
  • Assist in Promoting Co-Founders to Founders when eligible.
  • Planning a Division Staff game night once a week to bond closer as a staff and relieve stress.
  • Change Passwords to squad tags and keep all squad tag information organized.
  • Access to all squad tags within the division assigned to.



Division Leader

The Division Leader rank is awarded to a Co-Division Leader or Founder who has become eligible for promotion after a division split. Division Leaders must portray Leadership Skills, Social Skills, and the ability to overcome and adapt to any situation the respective division they are assigned to presents to them. The overall goal of a Division Leader is not only to build an active, fun, hard working, family environment within their division with the end goal of splitting their division, but to build an active, hard working, division staff as well.

  • The Division Leader will host a division meeting once a week towards the beginning of the week or end of the week to assess weekly squad reports and to stay updated overall on each squad inside of the division.
  • Planning recruiting weekends to grow the community and hopefully help squads build new staff members.
  • Reporting any discord problems within the divisions discord server to the Head of Discord Management.
  • Planning Headhunters tournaments / fun activity weekends, etc, to hopefully provide a fun/better overall experience for the members within the division.
  • Promoting Co-Founders to Founders when eligible.
  • Access to all squad tags within the division assigned to.
  • Access to the Division Tag assigned to their respective division.



This rank is awarded to Division Leaders who have completed the long journey of splitting their respective division they are assigned to. Directors are considered to be experts in training of all ranks within the division, therefore are highly respected and expected to act in a respectful and professional manner in order to teach and share ideas to their members.

  • Directors are to oversee up to two divisions at a time.
  • The Directors goal is to teach and train their Division Leaders to make the correct decisions within their division while allowing them to grow and learn from their mistakes.
  • Directors must know and follow the Code of Conduct.
  • Directors may rank suspend members within the two divisions they are assigned to as long as it is discussed and agreed upon with the division leader.
  • Any reported violation(s) of sexual harassment MUST be immediatly reported to the highest ranking member online, or reported directly to the Senior Director
  • Directors are to administer all Co-Division Leader/ Division Leader Tests to their assigned division leaders.


Senior Director (SNDR)

This position is granted to Directors who have been in their position for at least two months and have shown beyond excellent leadership qualities, and professionalism. Senior Directors are to support the Directors and Division Leaders and help promote the concepts of leadership and professionalism.

  • Senior Directors are to oversee up to two divisions at a time.
  • Senior Directors enforce all policies and directives that Owners/Presidents want put into practice.
  • Senior Directors are expected to act in a respectful and professional manner at all times in order to be a great example to their members.
  • Senior Directors do not make policies, they enforce policies.
  • Senior Directors are to mentor the Directors within their respective two divisions they are assigned to.
  • Senior Directors must maintain knowledge of the Policies and the Code of Conduct and follow them.
  • Senior Directors may rank suspend members within the respected divisions they are assigned to after consulting and agreeing upon with the Division Leader.


Board of Directors -  The Board of Directors falls under the staff of the President of FAoS. Each position inside of the board is just as important as the next, and it is of the utmost importance that each ranking member of the board and the teams assigned below them if they have one excel to the highest of levels, nothing less than that.


Chief of Mental Health Department (COMHD) / Mental Health Department

Description: Chief of Mental Health is tasked with creating a safe environment where members can ask for help without scrutiny or discrimination. The Mental Health Department is a group of individuals who are able to create a safe environment for members who are able to discuss any mental health issue with all confidential information to be withheld. To create an appointment with the mental health department forum submissions will be provided. Disclaimer: None of the Mental Health Department are trained or educated professionals. They have dedicated their time to helping the mental health of all members within FAoS the best they can. If you are suicidal or taking one's life is discussed we will contact officials. If you are contemplating suicide or are having suicidal thoughts please contact The Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.


Head of Discord Management (HODM) /  Discord Management Team

Description: Head of Discord Management oversees the Discord Management Team and ensures each position is completing server maintenance and/or task given to them. The Discord Management Team is entrusted with server maintenance (Bug Fixes, Request for Removal, and New Squad Server Creation.)


Head of Design (HoD) / Design Department (DD)

Description: The Head of Design is able to create FAoS designs (i.e. logos, clothing, and merchandise, etc). Artists in the Design Department make designs and submit them to the graphic design artists.The graphic design section of this department is able to digitalize the handmade artwork or designs made by artists into a constantly evolving door of new logos, clothing designs, and overall merchandise, etc.


Chief of Education (CoE) / Educational Team

Description: Chief of Education ensures that the education of FAoS is continuously finding new ways to ensure that rank descriptions, the rank structure, and testing within FAoS are always evolving. The CoE is allowed an Educational Team to ensure that every idea and proposition is fully discussed and detailed to guarantee the best Rank Structure, Rank Descriptions, and Testing moving forward.


Chief Activity Officer (CAO) / Activity Team

Description: Chief Activity Officer is responsible for all planned events within FAoS. The Chief Activity Officer is allowed to have an Activity Team to assist in being responsible for making sure events are properly communicated through the community of FAoS, as well as any other assigned duties as required by the President & Vice President. They are also responsible for the communication/advertisement of sponsored events, or specials, giveaways, and more.


Chief Networking Officer (CNO) / Networking Team

Description: Chief Networking Officer (CNO) is to support the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Board of Directors within their community and improvising Web Operations. The Chief Networking Officer is allowed to have a Networking Team, therefore both the CNO and Networking Team needs to ensure that the website is constantly being improved or maintained to the highest of standards, nothing less than that.


General Manager (GM)

Description: The General Manager is responsible for building and managing a successful competitive team within FAoS. This rank is constantly communicating with the Vice President, and President of FAoS to be evaluated, to ensure a winning product is put on the playing field, anything less is unacceptable.


Head of Media (HoM) / Media Team

Description: Head of Media is responsible for all social media communications and content creation, among other things. The Head of Media is allowed a Media Team, the HoM and Media Team are responsible for connecting the public to the organization of FAoS, working alongside the President & Vice President.


Chief of Blacklisting Matters (COBM)

Description: Chief of Blacklisting Matters (COBM) Their job is to handle any and all blacklist operations and report them to the President to make the final decision. Making FAoS a cleaner and safer online environment creating methods on how to deal with any online toxicity is of the utmost importance of this rank.


Chief Performance Officer (CPO)

Description: Chief Performance Officer (CPO) ensures the performance of the Senior Staff (Senior Directors, Directors). Keeping leaders (Division Leaders, Directors, and Senior Directors), up to date with current policies and provide the tools to complete their duties at the highest level possible. The Chief Performance Officer will utilize any informational data to determine its usefulness for the community leadership.


Chief of Staff (COS)

Description: Chief of Staff (CoS) is to support the Chief of Operations (COO) in the management of the entire Board of Directors as well as managing each department team inside of the Board of Directors. As well as using conflict/resolution approaches on objectives given to the Chief Performance Officer.


Chief of Operations (COO)

Description: Chief of Operations (COO) is responsible for ensuring every position within the Board of Directors is executing their daily objectives to the highest of levels, nothing less than that. The Chief of Operations is responsible for the daily operations of the community and leads the execution of strategies developed by the Vice President and President.



Description: A Chairman is an member elected by FAoS’s board of directors who is responsible for presiding over board meetings, or organizational meetings. The chairman ensures that meetings run smoothly and remain orderly and works at achieving a consensus in board decisions. The chairman will report any issues with any member/team of the board straight to the President/Vice President. 


Vice President

Description: Vice President (VP) is the second highest ranking executive within FAoS, their primary responsibilities include working closely with the President and the Board of Directors of FAoS. The VP is to assist the President in ensuring not only the community of FAoS as a whole is running smoothly, but also to assist in ensuring all organizational operations of FAoS are running smoothly. The VP will also be assisting the President with all Financial Operations within FAoS. The VP will be responsible for organizing all IV meetings.



Description - President/CEO is the highest ranking executive within FAoS, the President's primary responsibilities include major organization decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of FAoS, and being the main point of communication between the Board of Directors and organizational operations. The President along with the IV’s (four founding fathers of FAoS) will be handling all Financial Operations within FAoS. The President is also tasked with ensuring the community of FAoS as a whole is running smoothly, and has efficient leadership within the community to ensure all community level operations are being done correctly.