Alpha Rank Structure


Private (PVT) - The Private has only one responsibility, and that is to PARTICIPATE!  This means attending meetings and gamenights, and engaging with other members.


Corporal (CPL) - The Corporal is the first step up into what FAoS is.  It is awarded to those privates who have shown loyalty and promise, and strive to be a part of something greater than themselves by:

  • Getting their first recruit
  • Attending their first meeting
  • Changing their name


Sergeant (SGT) - A Sergeant is one who has shown remarkable promise in recruiting, and shares leadership skills and values with the community.  This rank is awarded after his/her third recruit. 



     Disclaimer: any and all staff positions are VOLUNTEER ranks.  The failure to perform the assigned duties of the rank at hand may result in a demotion. You must have FAoS in your gamertags to acquire a staff position.


 Lieutenants (4-1LT) - The Lieutenant is the first Staff rank available. Lieutenants must have at least 5 recruits and 2 meetings attended before becoming a Lieutenant. All Lieutenants will be working as a team to accomplish these tasks in an attempt to develop leadership skills and teamwork skills at an early rank.


  • Lieutenants will be assisting Captains with whatever they need help with.
  • Lieutenants will be guiding at least one new member each into becoming a staff member.
  • Lieutenants will be focusing on the friends list of the squad tag to ensure there is no blacklisted members on any members friends list. ( If a Lieutenant happens to find a blacklisted member on another member’s account in their squads friends list they must report it). 






Captains (4-1CPT) - Each Captain must have 8 recruits and at least 3 meetings attended to become a Captain.  All Captains have the same responsibilities to really build teamwork and leaderships into our future squad leaders.  One is no more important than another and it is important to remember this to achieve the maximum synergy possible.  


  • The Captains will guide at least two new members each into becoming staff members.
  • The Captains will have the job of watching over and helping Lieutenants to ensure they perform at the highest level they can.
  • The Captains will be going through the squad tags friends list to ensure every member has the correct Real Name and Bio.
  • The Captains will be hosting Game nights and Workshops when given permission by the General.




             Major - The Major is in charge of ensuring that recruiting within the lower ranks of the squad and the staff is flowing to the highest standards.The Major needs to also evaluate each members profile in there squad to ensure that each member has the correct location and bio. The Major also has the power to promote someone within the lower ranks to Sgt. The Major also has the power to perform Lieutenants and Captains tests with the Generals approval. The Major also is allowed access to the Squad Tag.


             Colonel - The Colonel is in charge of ensuring that the staff ranks including Major are executing there individuals jobs at the highest level. The Colonel does have the power to demote or replace a staff member if that certain is not performing to the standards set by the Colonel, as long as the General agrees. The Colonel also has the power to perform a Lieutenants or Captains test with the Generals approval. The Colonel also is allowed access to the Squad Tag.



General - The General is the highest rank a member can achieve within a squad, whose end goal is to split his/her squad.  While prestigious and noteworthy, the member who holds this rank has the most responsibility in a squad. Nine times out of ten if a squad is failing, it is because of a lazy General.  The term “lazy” is used because the job of the General is simple in nature and should remain so if the General actually cares about the members below him. The job of the General falls under a priority system all higher ups in FAoS follow.  The first, and most important, creating an experience for the members, followed by pulling in staff and finally recruiting.  


  • If we take a good look at our number one priority, creating an experience for the members, it can be interpreted in many ways. Meetings, Gamenights, and our CoC and Policies are all examples of creating an experience. 


  • The second, pulling in staff, is fairly self explanatory.  The way to split a squad is through`




Division Staff


      Co-Founder - A General will be made a Co-Founder after the General leads a squad to splitting.  He/She will have the responsibility of maintaining the quality of his/her former squad, as well as the new squad that came from the split.  They will guide and mentor the Generals of each of the new squads into becoming productive, hardworking, and successful leaders. The Co-Founder wil hold the General responsible for:

  • Hosting a minimum of two Game Nights a week
  • Hosting a minimum of two Meetings a week
  • Hosting a minimum of one Workshop a week
  • Completing his/her required daily tasks
  • Keeping a steady flow of recruits coming into the squad


      Founder - A Founder is one who as a Co-Founder has developed his/her knowledge of this community immensely, is completing his/her assigned tasks with little to no motivation from his/her superiors and has the heart and drive to improve the community.  A team of Co-Founders will be placed under the guidance and supervision of a newly promoted Founder or a task of finding and grooming Generals for their roles as Co-Founders will be given if there is a shortage of Co-Founders.


      Co-Division Leader - The Co-Division Leader is one Founder who has shown his loyalty and devotion to his/her community, has inspired others to continue fighting through adversity and push their subordinates to safely and comfortably take strides outside of their comfort zones.  He/She will work together with the Division Leader to create and sustain a healthy environment for our members and higher ups alike.


      Division Leader - The Division Leader is a Co-Division Leader or Founder who has mastered the ability to bring the best out of others.  They have demonstrated what it means to lead through their actions, words and lessons. With the heightened prestige and prominence of this position, the responsibility will deepen equally.  He/She will be accountable for: 

  • a weekly division meeting consisting of the entire Division Staff and two leading representatives from each squad
  • Setting goals 
  • Keeping their division’s Discord maintained
  • Splitting their division