About Us

FAoS Gaming began on July 23rd, 2013, by four founding fathers all with one common goal to make a community with the best gaming experience possible but also feels like home! Here in FAoS we take pride in our family culture, the idea of having multiple different kinds of people join across consoles. With the ability to all come together and enjoy games as well as be a family is just astonishing! FAoS is more than just a community we are family.          

                              Meet the Team

The IV's of FAoS stand for the four founders of FAoS. Each IV has their own unique skill sets in making FAoS the amazing community it is today! The following goes into a purely personal description of these IV's to help you better understand your FAoS leaders. Granted as of now their is not a 4th IV at the moment someone will eventually earn that position as it is granted to a member who has shown great loyalty, hard work and dedication within FAoS Gaming.

rynobi pic
viking pic

FAoS LEGEND IV - Hunter is the President, Owner, and over all breath of life that makes this community what we know and love.  He is very open about his vision to make FAoS a pure and unique experience for anyone and everyone, whether they’re new to the clan experience or are war-torn veterans.  In the aforementioned “unique experience,” Legend acknowledges each and every member as an individual from all walks of life, and speaks to them as one of his own. For Legend, the clan is nothing short of family.

FAoS Rynobi IV - Ryan Is the proud Vice President of this wonderful community many, including him, call home.  For Ryan, kindness isn't just a word, It's a feeling, an act. Something he embodies to the fullest extent of his being.  While modest, he holds himself to the highest standard and expects nothing but the best for his members, his peers, or the work he does.  There are no shortcuts to success, and Ryan is no exception.

FAoS Viking IV - Nic is the Chairman of FAoS and goto man for anything needing done around the clan.  He works day and night for our members and goes above and beyond with everything he does. Whether it's his drive for the whole community, or his comp team, or any one of the people who sit under him, an ever present seal of approval is seen in each project under his guidance.  His tenacity to see through to the end, even when faced with complete and utter defeat never ceases to amaze.