Welcome to FAoS Gaming



A word often misused and misinterpreted, confidence is a feeling of self-assurance that stems from an appreciation of one's own abilities, qualities and attributes.  The knowledge of one's limits and flaws; and acknowledgment of these, is where wisdom is born. Both are of equal value in the FAoS family.


Personal drive, self-motivation and trust in those above, below and around you all make up a FAoS members dedication.  Dedication for a cause is not something that is inherently deserved, it is earned through the actions and ideals of the organization.


Our main promise is anyone who sticks around long enough to become something can tell you that they have taken something that they have learned from FAoS and used it in their daily lives.  We strive to learn, grow, and improve with every passing day.

                               Our Approach





We as an online community know full well the dangers other communities bring along with them. FAoS is not one of these communities. We cannot promise that others will not try to ruin your experience, but FAoS will do its damndest to prevent these occurrences and protect those who can/will not.